Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday, October 6

Participating artists:

Marc Aschenbrenner
Sandra Norrbin

Marc Aschenbrenner Die Fee der Charité

Sandra Norrbin
Carpet from the Art Forum Berlin, 2006

When the artfair was over and all the galleries started to dismantel their stands I started to produce work from the remainings of a performance and installation; a red carpet. It should be mentioned that I was not represented by any gallery at the fair (or any of the other fairs in Berlin for that sake..)
I liked the energy that was released. As everybody was taking down the art and putting it into crates I was putting up a new one - and nobody cared. But the day after I actually had two visitors.
At Emergency Room - Berlin Test I will show the remainings of the carpet. It will be cut into smaller pieces, rolled up and stacked into piles on top of each other. Sandra Norrin 6.10.2006

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