Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday, October 4

Participating artists:

Antje Majewski Interview 3
Susanne Weirich, Robert Bramkamp
Lisa Strömbeck
Marc Aschenbrenner
Eleonore de Montesquiou
Fleischer, Parker, Schydlow

Marc Aschenbrenner Deutscher Folterknecht

Marc Aschenbrenner
Der Tag der deutschen Einheit der

Antje Majewski Interview 3

Antje Majewski contributes several short videos to the exhibition, in which she visits different areas in Berlin with a camera man and asks random people on the street and in shops for their news of today.
Answers range from "No idea" to long stories from the lifes of the persons willing to answer; very few actually tell some piece of news from media like radio, newspapers or TV. Antje tries to keep the conversation going, drifting away from the initial question. The small portraits of the people she encounters form a portrait of the quarter they live in; from the rich and bourgois Zehlendorf in which three people knew about a problem with an opera, to poor and multinational Wedding in which people were a lot more talkative about their personal lifes and problems.

Susanne Weirich, Robert Bramkamp
Enki´s Longterm Emergency

Lisa Ströbeck
All the images of men in the morning newspaper, and women. 95 men (left) and 45 women (right).

Fleischer, Parker, Schydlow Troops of Tomorrow
Two people read out two newspaper articles, she says a sentence then he, continously alternating.

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