Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Retard : The function of "delay".

"Like an outgrowth, Retard works as the opposite of the logical and continuous movement activated through the concept of Emergency Room. While Emergency Room stimulates the artists to react in the urgency to the unceasing flow of information and images spread around by the medias and to challenge with this rhythm; Retard, by opposition, looks ironically like a museum exhibition space, in which objects and time seem to be fixed and arrested. By staging the museum functions of collecting, conserving and presenting objects, Retard set itself up as a parody and even as a critic of the artistic institution. With its duality, where metaphorically the past and the present are closed to each other, the concept of Emergency Room hijacks the common play/pause functions related to classical audiovisual material and medias. From there do we also feel the effects of a melancholic report of our helpless and powerless ability to change what already happened, and therefore remind us the necessity and the duty of acting right now.

Although it was already undertaken in Copenhagen, and now repeated during the Berlin experience, it is important to emphasize that Retard remains a parallel and optional aspect to the Emergency Room concept : its outgrowth in other words. Retard shows up an overview of works, selected by the Olaf Stüber Gallery team."

Retard on September 9th-12th.

Retard on September 12th.

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