Monday, September 11, 2006

September 08th, 2006 : Day one.
Some Artworks.

Two video installations from Karin Kerkmann ("8 Jahre Lang"-left) and Rabea Eipperle ("Training for Stilletto Run"-right).

The videos of Karin Kerkmann is focusing on a very shocking hot spot of the last days news in Germany : the reapparition of Natascha Kampusch who was kidnaped and held in hostage during the last ten years. To express this event, Karin uses an old german childrensong as a symbol of the lost childhood :
Good evening, good night, covered with roses,
Stiched with flowers, slip under the blanket.
Tomorrow in the morning, if God wants, you will wake up again.

On her side, Rabea Eipperle decided to focus herself on the trivial event of the stiletto heels run that happened a couple of weeks ago, on the Kurfüstendammstrasse in Berlin, and which was a real worldwide curiosity.

Peter Lind : "The newsisnotthenews" (Media Art Installation mixing webcam views from the exhibition room with news images taken from the Internet and comments)

The intervention of Peter Lind is envolved with the ideas of distance/presence and simultaneity/delay linked to the ultrapresence of medias, and to the progress of their technological aspects. With a tricked computer that Peter created with the help of some Berlin hackers, he is now able to make a direct intervention on the projection, from Copenhagen or wherever he could be located in the world. While a web came is filming and watching on the "ER" exhibition room like George Orwell's Big Brother, Peter can mix those images in a fade away effect, with some news and pictures taken from the Internet.

Wolfgang Oelze : "In die Luft".

Frank Franzen : "Vegetarische Döner" / "Döner Mafia"
(Computer slide show and collage from newspapers articles)

From newspapers extracts and reportage pictures taken from the streets of Neuköln, Frank Franzen creates new connections between images and textes. He proposes us, under the form of a collage, a terrorist lecture of the "Gammelfleisch" business that hurted Berlin last week.

Tina Schimansky : "Ticker"
(Lightbox with picture from the web)

Alexander Negrelli : "Sticker"

Vassiliea Stylianidou : "The notion of 'Today'"
(Installation with black board and E-mails prints)

Marc Aschenbrenner : "The daily drawing"
(Drawing on paper)

As a participation to "ER", the Berlin based artist Marc Aschenbrenner proposed to bring us everyday a new drawing related to a spot from the actuality. Realised directly after reading the news, it is interresting to note that, like during the Renaissance, drawing remains for Marc Aschenbrenner the first and the most direct expression of art, as well as the most direct connection between the brain and the hand.

Azin Feizabadi : " / Archive for ER"

Sergei Sviatchenko : "No more news"
(Drawing and collage sent by Internet)

Matti Isan Blind : "Bad news"
(Wet and fresh newspapers on the ground)

Mario Asif : "Atlantis has a technical problem"
(Drawing and comments)

Wolfgang Müller : "Today's truisms"
(Intervention on electoral poster)


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