Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14th, 2006 : Day 5.

Artists list and works :

-Charlotte Grum : "Democraty/Freedom is important"
-Marc Aschenbrenner "Terror und Nena"
-Ella Ziegler "Pretoria News arrived"
-Robert Bramkamp, Susanne Weirich "Enki´s Longterm Emergency"

Overview of the works :

Ella Ziegler : "Pretoria News arrived"

After six days, the newspapers posted from South Africa on the opening day of Emergency Room (September 8th) have finally arrived in the Gallery on Thursday 14th. The conceptual project of Ella Ziegler about time and delay, is now complete.

Marc Aschenbrenner : "Terror und Nena"

Dortmund/Karlsruhe (rpo). Terroristen hatten es scheinbar auf ein Konzert der Sängerin Nena abgesehen. Mit einem Tankschiff sollte angeblich das Gelsenkirchener Amphitheater bei ihrem Auftritt Ende August in die Luft gejagt werden -
Apparently terrorists planned to attack a concert by the singer Nena.The Gelsenkirchen amphietheater should get blown up with a tanker during her performance in the end of August.

Robert Bramkamp/Susanne Weirich : "Enki's Longterm Emergency"
View of the complete installation.

Charlotte Grum : "Democraty/Freedom is important...especially were the oil is"

The Führer's Photographer
He was the Führer's most favored photographer and cameraman. Walter Frentz was the man Adolf Hitler trusted to put him in the right light. Now a new biography has uncovered pictures of the Nazi leader never seen before.

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