Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday, 28 September

Participating artists:

Antje Majewski Neuigkeiten des Tages
M+M Schäuble Magazin Extra Ausgabe
Peter Lind
Marc Aschenbrenner Toter Geiselnehmer
Eleonore de Montesquiou
Dietmar Fleischer Rock the Day
Tanja Ostoji´c
Unwetter (Ulrike Solbrig, Jole Wikke, Philipp Ekhardt)
Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel
Robert Bramkamp, Susanne Weirich Enki´s Longterm Emergency
Hannes Kater Tageszeichnungen

M + M
M+M at work; they sampling a newspaper of the news of today. This time it is the Schäuble Magazin Extra Ausgabe.

Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel
New work

Dietmar Fleischer Rock the Day
Video with drum kit and children.
On the screen appear google head lines. The artist reads the listed links to his children while drumming softly.

Hannes Kater Tageszeichnungen
Veronica Ferres "Seite 1 Girl"
Ralph Lauren hat Parasiten

Antje Majewski Neuigkeiten des Tages in Zehlendorf
Antje Majewski interviews Berliner, what are the news of today, do you have any idea? This time it is in Zehlendorf.

Tanja Ostoji´c No the Disintegrative Migration Laws

Unwetter Colaborative Picnic on green carpet
Guests: Lisa Mee, Alan Marsik, Sarat Maharaj

Marc Aschenbrenner Toter Geiselnehmer

Peter Lind Surveillance is a Weapon, Everybody is a target
Live web Cam

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